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2007 January

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Lagi2 blog melayu boleh
01.09.07 (7:22 am)   [edit]

5 sahaja kali ini. boleh lihat di bawah:

  1. - blog boleh melayu boleh

Melayu Boleh
01.08.07 (8:59 pm)   [edit]

New melayu boleh site.

boleh lihat di bawah:

Melayu Boleh 1:

Melayu Boleh 2:

Melayu Boleh 3:

Melayu Boleh 4:

Melayu Boleh 5:

Melayu Boleh 6:

Melayu Boleh 7:

Melayu Boleh 8:

Melayu Boleh 9:

Melayu Boleh 10:

inilah website terbaru melayu boleh

melayu boleh: the idea
01.08.07 (11:34 am)   [edit]
Melayu Boleh

M provides handy guides and tips to stuffs that matter to Malays. Whether you're looking for skandal melayu, melayu boleh, lagu melayu; M is the site for you.

Incidentally the three preceding terms are among the top ten searches for the term "melayu" in popular search engines. If you want them, we provide them.

"Melayu Boleh" is the second most searched "melayu" phrase according to Melayu Boleh probably has its origin from "Malaysia Boleh", which loosely translated means "Malaysians can do it". Mantra for the Masses "Malaysia Boleh" is a battle cry you'll not only hear in international soccer or badminton matches. For many years, it grips the nation and is now a mantra to push oneself to the limits, against all odds. Replace Malaysia with melayu, and you'll have "melayu boleh". Instead of a battle cry for Malaysians, now you have a battle cry for the malays. A battle cry to push oneself to the limits. Against all odds. If others can do it, the malays can too. Melayu Boleh! Knights of Penampans My search for "Melayu Boleh" in Google amuses me. The top twenty sites are mostly sites created by Malaysians who called themselves Penampan. Their aim is to educate Malaysian surfers who search for phrases like Melayu Boleh, Skandal Melayu and Seks Melayu in search engines. The Penampan advises these surfers to spend their time more fruitfully, and then recommends links to Malaysian's IT sites and forums. Search for Melayu Boleh What could be less fruitful than surfing IT forums and sites? What sites are the Penampans trying to stop you from accessing? I asked around, and once again a source pointed out to me. It's a malay porn site, he said. And passed me a link to the site. Melayu Boleh Exposed If you're searching for Melayu Boleh you're probably looking for "Web Melayu Boleh". It's an adult site with malay nude pictures and sex-themed stories. However, most of the models in the galleries are not malays. If you've been on the internet long enough you'll probably have stumbled upon these models in other sites. Model trying to pass off as latins, indians and other races in the past now trying to pass off as malays. Traffic Jam The Melayu Boleh site has been online since 1999, and till now it has 15 millions page views. That's a tremendous amount of traffic. However, the site is not ranked in any popular search engines. I applaud the Penampans trying educate the Malaysians, and I hope that they'll achieve their noble goal soon.
Melayu Boleh

Another Melayu Boleh Site
01.08.07 (8:02 am)   [edit]

Hmm... cakap banyak tak mau.. boleh lawati laman web berikut: Subdomain Melayu Boleh . Isu-isu berkaitan melayu mungkin akan dimasukkan di sana.

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Review by: En. Aku

melayu boleh

Melayu Boleh
01.06.07 (10:29 am)   [edit]

10 site melayu boleh, tidak mengikut hirarki.
site 1:
site 2:
site 3:
site 4:
site 5:
site 6:
site 7:
site 8:
site 9: Melayu Boleh
site 10:

inilah dia site melayu boleh yang aku kumpulkan.

Melayu Boleh